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Why Work With Saidur?

I was struggling to be an entrepreneur, after quitting my 9-5 job.

To improve my productivity I asked my brother to hold me accountable. Thats how I learned the power of accountability.

One of my clients from IT services I was offering back then, offered to pay me to hold him accountable. my accountability coaching journey began.

Saidur Rahman Accountability Coach To  Entrepreneurs
Saidur Rahman Accountability Coach  to Entrepreneurs 1

I have worked with entrepreneurs, students from UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Harvard University PHD, and employees from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Within my accountability coaching I have worked with 160+ clients, from 15+ countries. I was also traveled different countries while I was working online.

Now I am focused on helping entrepreneurs to improve their productivity with my accountability coaching skills.

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I began working with entrepreneurs to help them stay focused and productive by holding them accountable to their goals.

Here are just a few people I've worked with so far...

Do you currently see inconsistencies on your actions, cannot execute on your most important task for the day, no matter what you try?

Meet my client Michael Virahsawmy.

He had this problem, I helped solved it for him, and he was able to be consistent, consistent, getting the most important things done.

All he was missing was accountability, He feels amazing to be able to do the most important things. Working with me helped him in a big scale.

How much is "not keeping you accountable" costing you?

Are you an entrepreneur, trying to get a lot done, looking for someone to keep you accountable?

Meet my client Faith Aumor.

I helped her 2x her business after working with me.

All she was missing was accountability, She increased productivity to a level that she didn't realise was possible.

How much is "not keeping you accountable" costing you?

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